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How to Make Encaustic Medium and Paint

Encaustic is pigmented tempered beeswax. To temper beeswax (typically pharmaceutical grade beeswax) add a percentage of a harder wax (candelilla or carnauba no more than 5%) or add a natural resin, typically damar resin (average is 1 part to 8 parts; do not over temper, no more than 1 to 4). Over tempering will cause the encaustic to be brittle and it will flake or chip away. Add about 20% pigment to the mix to obtain encaustic.

Work encaustic at no more than 225º (170º-220º is best)

Encaustic medium is non-pigmented tempered beeswax. Melt wax in a non-iron container. Begin by melting damar resin, and melting beeswax separate. Damar resin melts at 225º, once melted, lower the temperature (around 170º-180º) start adding in the melted beeswax. If you add the beeswax cold/hard, add it to the damar resin in small amounts. Add about 20% pigment to obtain encaustic.

Encaustic does not dry like oil, acrylic, watercolor, et cetera; it only needs to cool, which is done almost instantly. However, one must remember some pigments that are used in this medium have a chemical makeup that do not allow for the wax to set entirely; until minutes, hours, days, and even weeks have gone by. Pigments like carbon black, cadmiums, and quinacridones remain ever so slightly soft until a certain amount of time has passed.

Read more about beeswax and it's variations (e.g. bleached, filtered, etcetera) and other waxes here, Waxes and Other Raw Materials.

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