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The Monoprint or Monotype

A monotype/monoprint is a print that has qualities unique to each and are not reproducable in the process it was originally created. It is possible in some instances, that a less defined image can be made by using the medium that still remains behind on the working surface. Alternative resources sometimes refer to a monoprint as a print made with the same underlying image with differing colors, textures, mediums, etc; and can be reproduced, but rather only one is made. Terms are often used interchangeably and are otherwise types of prints that can only be recreated by digital or electronic means.

When concerning encaustic, use of this technique is achieved on a heated palette, or other heated flat surface; encaustic paint, rather than printing inks are employed. The actual process is very similar; however, there are some things to keep in mind. Read Watercolor Paper and Framing.

Wax, paper, and a heated palette are the general necessities to get you started- outside of a few basic items such as paper towels or tools of preference.

Simple and cheap, standard crayons can be used; however, this should really only be for learning purposes. Standard  wax crayons are not formulated to produce quality encaustic prints- for the same reasons you would not paint an encaustic piece, you would not paint, or in this case print, a encaustic monotype or monoprint. Simply put, the structure of the wax would not hold up. Some undesirable qualities of crayons are muddled colors and non-lightfast qualities. BUT- if you are just starting out, wax crayons can be inexpensive and seeming limitless supply until you become comfortable and/or confident in using quality encaustics.

More coming soon!

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