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Beeswax; Bleached and Refined

Chemical bleaching (using peroxide or sulfuric acid) is a process that only masks the colorant, it does not remove the contaminant (e.g. pollen), thus leaving the problem of the contaminant still needing to be considered as part of the pigment ratios when making your own encaustic paint. Archival concerns, these whitened waxes can return to their original colored state- they are not lightfast and yellow over time. Furthermore, chemical bleaching causes other reactions that effect the wax- a whole lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo. Chemically bleached wax is not recommended.

Sun bleaching is a safe alternative; however, only the colorant has been broken down by the ultraviolet light of the sun. Again, the contaminant is still taking up prime real-estate in your community of ingredients- so remember that in the ratios of making your own encaustic. It is not cost effective for a company or large scale business, requiring lots of space, but it is a gentle way of discoloring wax for your own individual needs- mind you have the patience.

Refined beeswax is a term generically attributed to wax that has been filtered or bleached (not chemical) or some combination of the two. Simply put, depending on bee varieties, strains, environment/plant(s), etcetera, which the pollen was collected from, make some wax incapable of the bleaching process to whiten the wax fully.

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