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Collage and Embedding

Defined as an image made from an assemblage of different material; this combination of material can be anything from paper to found object.

Encaustic offers limitless options when it comes to collage. When applying an object into your work you must consider the weight of the item; if it weighs too much and is not properly affixed, it will simply break free. Planning is important when this involves heat, because heat can affect the binder (e.g. wax/encaustic, glue/adhesive) which is holding the item on.

Attaching can be achieved by simply using the encaustic as a binder; you can also use screws, nails, staples, glue, pegs, etc. When using glue remember to use a type not effected by heat; some brands will say if heat affects it, and at what temperature. Testing the glue yourself is always wise.

If fusing will affect the quality of the object and/or the surface of the work, consider waiting until all fusing is complete. At this stage you can attach the object by mechanical means (pegs, screws, etc); this obviously means planning ahead.

For more help on collage or collaging with paper see Tacking Irons and Spatulas (electrically heated).

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