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The encaustic palette is a thick piece of non-iron metal with legs (preferably adjustable) placed (about 1/2 in.) over a hot plate or electric burner.

Electric griddles or skillets used in home cooking could be substituted; given that they heat to a high enough temperature and have an adjustable rheostat. Practical for beginning, griddles and skillets are inexpensive alternatives to building or buying a professional palette; however, it is better to upgrade once you have made the decision to stick with the medium.

There are two cautionary notes: Placing the palette to closely or directly on the heat source can cause over-heating and scorching or burning of the paint- causing viscous paint and/or noxious gases. See How to Make Encaustic Medium and Paint and Temperatures (Melting and Flash Point) for more details on proper temperatures. Additionally, if you are using kitchen griddles (et cetera) do not ever use these for food again; they can never be made food safe.

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